Triathlon Pink and Fun Run Pink are a fun day out, so first things first don’t stress! Many ladies have overcome huge personal obstacles to be at the event and a large majority are trying the sport for the first time so if you are feeling apprehensive, remember you are not alone!

What distances are available?

The events cater for many levels of fitness and experience, so the key is to choose the distance that you are comfortable with. Some distances vary per location, so for a more detailed overview specific to your location, make sure you check out the specific events page.

How much does it cost?

For full details on coast associated with all our Triathlon Pink and Fun Run Pink events, head to our Price page.

How does NBCF benefit from the event?

Our charity partner, National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) receive funds from the event via the generous fundraising efforts of our participants – click here to set up your fundraising page.  If you do not wish to fundraise, you can make an optional donation in the entry system as you enter and these are passed on directly to the NBCF.  Entry fees are used by The Event Crew to cover the costs of event delivery.

What time do the events start?

This year the format of our events has changed.  Triathlon events will start from 7am, with the Fun Run kicking off from 8am using the same run course as the Triathlon.  Some times vary by locations so please be sure to check out the full timeline in the Event Manual for the location where you are participating.

Is there a clinic in the lead up?

If you are doing a triathlon for the first time, we highly recommend coming along to our FREE Tips & Tricks clinic on the Saturday at 3pm, the day prior to the event. You can ask all those little questions and even meet some other Pinkies before the event day!

Is the event timed?

Yes, each participant receives a timing chip as part of their race pack which is to be worn on your left ankle.

How does the swim work?

The Triathlon Pink swim is in a pool. We set up swim buoys in the pool and you zig-zag up and down the pool around the buoys. The specific course will be explained to you at the swim briefing. The start is one at a time, pin-dropping into the pool which is controlled by our swim starter. Once you step over the timing mat into the pool your timing chip is activated.

What is a transition area?

The term ‘transition area’ is the area where you set up your bike and’transition’ from the swim to bike legs and then bike to run legs. Before the start you will leave your gear for the bike and run leg next to your bike and then exit with your swim gear and head to the pool for a start. You can’t leave any bags or additional items in the transition area.

Is there somewhere to store my bag?

If you have a bag & personal belongings you need to take this out of the transition area and leave this at the bag drop area. A tag from your number bib will be attached to your bag so we know which bag is yours when you come back to collect this.

Can I do it with my friend?

If you want to participate with your bestie side by side, that is fine. Just make sure you both enter the same distance and stand together at the briefing then you can pin drop in after each other to start!

Can I enter in a team?

Yes we do team entries! Teams have a minimum of two and a maximum of three participants. That means one person swims, one person rides and one person runs. If one person wants to do two legs that is fine, but if you and you friend want to participate side by side you need to do individual entries.

How does a team work?

The change over point is at the cyclist’s bike. Swimmer must give the cyclist the timing chip before cyclist removes bike from rack and cyclist must rack bike and then give the runner the timing chip before the runner begins the run. The race number bib is to be worn by runner only. The timing chip is to be worn by all team members on the left ankle or the team may not receive a time.

What if I don’t want to swim?

If you don’t swim, don’t worry we also have a no-swim option. Just tick this box when you are entering, or see us at the help desk to amend your entry. You will still need to come to the pool for briefing, but we will start you at the swim exit just make yourself know to the swim starter.

What should I wear?

Anything goes really! You can swim in just your bathers or with tight shorts or leggings over the top. When you are in the transition area before the bike leg you can put on shorts/leggings and a singlet or t-shirt. Some people choose to purchase a tri-suit, which means you can wear this the entire time.

Do I have to wear a swim cap?

Yes, we will issue you a Triathlon Pink swim cap to wear. If you would prefer to wear your own you can wear this underneath the event cap.

Do I need a helmet?

Yes, helmets are compulsory to compete in the event. When you rack your bike in transition, you will need to put your helmet on. Our technical officials will then check that this is safe to wear for the event.

What if I don’t have a very good bike?

Any bike is fine. Cruiser, mountain bike, racers, BMX, baskets, spokey dokies all are great options. Your bike just must be in a safe working condition.

What else should I bring?

See the event manual specific for your location which features a checklist. Haven’t found what you are looking for? Have a look at the event manual on the specific event pages for more information.