2018/2019 RESULTS

** loaded at approx 3pm on event day


If you are having issues finding your time or your time is wrong please answer the below questions and email to timingqueries@gmail.com. HOWEVER: please allow 24hrs for large discrepancies to be viewed and amended by our team. If, after 24hrs, your results are still incorrect, please follow the process listed below.

PLEASE NOTE:All timing queries submitted in the 3 days after the event will go to the timing company on Wednesday night as a group and no individual amendments will be made prior to this. Queries made Thursday and by the close of business Friday post event will be dealt with in the week following. No amendments will be made for submissions made after 5 days after your event.

– What was your bib number?
– Was the number on your timing chip different to your bib number?
– Were you a late entry? (you may not show in the provisional results for a few days)
– Did you change category before the event, if so when?
– Did you cross any of the blue timing mats before your event started?
– Do you know roughly what time you started?
– Do you have an estimate of the finishing time or notice any other competitors bib numbers around you finishing at same time?

Whilst every endeavor will be made to correct any discrepancies with timing, there are times when the technology is not 100% accurate and occasions when the chips fail to read. In these instances, whilst we appreciate it is not ideal, we will try and give you a manual finishing time.